Suspects arrested in rape case of 4 women in capital Kabul


Gen. Mohammad ZahirAt least three people were arrested in connection to robbery and rape of case of four women in capital Kabul, security officials said Sunday.

Kabul police chief, Gen. Zahir Zahir, told reporters that the suspects were involved in robbery and rape of four women in Paghman district of Kabul.

Gen. Zahir further added that the suspects are currently in police custody and have confessed to their crimes.

He said the rate of crime has dramatically increased during the recent months in different parts of Kabul city.

Accoridng to Gen. Zahir, people are suffering from economic issues mainly due to prologned electoral process and insisted that poverty is one of the main motive behind growing criminal activities in the capital.

In the meantime, Gen. Zahir vowed to take necessary actions to reduce the criminal activities in the city.

The four women who belong to the same family were raped and their personal belongings were robbed after they were abducted by gunmen from Paghman district around a week ago.


  1. Please someone tell General Sahib Zahir that poverty is not the reason for this most horrible crime committed by men who apparently were wearing police uniform. These are signs of a government and a system on the brinks of destruction. What do you expect of a ” Be Sahib Country)?


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