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Survivor of Kaaj Suicide Attack Makes It to ‘BBC 100 Women 2022’


Fatima Amiri, a teenage Afghan student who survived the deadly suicide attack in the Kaaj education center, and sustained severe injuries including the loss of an eye has become one of the BBC 100 Women 2022 laureates.

As one of the most influential and inspirational women in the world for 2022, Fatima Amiri, the survivor of the Kaaj suicide attack is listed alongside global music singer Billie Eilish, actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska.

Three women from Afghanistan are among the 100 women on this year’s list of prominent and influential women, which was released by BBC international media on Tuesday, December 6, in a report.

The BBC’s list of 100 women 2022 includes Zahra Joya, the founder of Rakhshana Media, Tamana Paryani, a women’s rights activist, and Fatima Amiri, a student who lost an eye and an ear in the attack on the Kaaj educational center.

Amiri took the Kankor national university entrance exam despite having sustained severe injuries, passing with a score of 313 to get admitted to Kabul University’s Faculty of Computer Science.

BBC reported that Fatima has said that losing her eye and her injuries in the ear and jaw caused by the attack have only made her “stronger” and “more determined.”

Another Afghan BBC 100 Women 2022 laureate is Zahra Joya who founded the Rukhshana media, “Afghanistan’s only feminist news agency,” and runs it in exile after being evacuated from the country.

“I believe in the soft power of words and we must speak about injustices against women,” Joya told BBC.

Tamana Paryani, an Afghan activist and recipient of the BBC 100 Women 2022 title, and her sisters were detained by armed men outside of their home in Afghanistan after she staged a demonstration to demand the right of Afghan women and girls to work and pursue an education.



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