Afghanistan Opium
Afghanistan Opium

Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has dropped for the first time in six years during the current year, according to a joint survey report by UN and Afghan government.

The annual survey report has been prepared by the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime and Afghanistan’s Ministry of Counter Narcotics.

The authors of the survey report said the decline was mainly due to unfavorable weather conditions and methodology used to estimate areas of poppy cultivation.

According to report, opium cultivation has reduced by 19 percent which is now cultivated in 183,000 hectares of land, down from 224,000 hectares last year.

The report further added that the potential production of opium has also declined to 48 percent due to lower levels of opium cultivation, 3,300 tons compared to 6,400 tons last year.

There was 36 percent reduction in average opium yield per hectare, the report, said adding that eradication was up 40 percent to 3,760 hectares from 2,692 hectares last year.

Zabiullah Daim, media adviser to Afghanistan’s counter-narcotics minister, said the favorable statistics was also due to public awareness efforts where farmers were informed regarding the dangerous and harmful effects of opium to Afghanistan and its future.


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