According to local authorities in eastern Afghanistan, Afghan security forces curb a suicide bomber to target Afghan government officials in eastern Khost province.

The officials further added, a government employee who was working in provincial governor office was detained in connection to insurgency attack plot.

Barilai Rawan a spokesman for provincial governor media relations office said, the detained suspected militant was recognized as Samdullah and was looking to carry out a suicide bomb attack at governor’s office.

Mr. Rawan further added, Samiullah used to work in the secretariat of the provincial governor office and was employed by the militants group for the job to carry out insurgency attack.

He also added, the detained suspected insurgent is currently under the probe of the security forces and he has confessed to his crimes during the preliminary investigations.

Samiullah the detained suspected militant said, he was employed by the militants group to carry out suicide bomb attack at the administrative secretariat of the provincial governor office.

This comes as several other insurgents have been detained in connection to the suicide bomb attacks in this province recently.

A teenager suicide bomber, Shafiq 13 resident of South Waziristan was detained around 2 years ago who wanted carry out suicide bomb attack at the provincial governor compound, and was later freed by Afghan president Hamid Karzai.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai last year also freed another 20 teenager suicide bombers and vowed to send the detained suicide bombers outside of the country to continue their education.

Ismail Haqmal, Khost province.