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Stunning images of ‘Spiral Galaxies’ from James Webb Telescope

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Fidel Rahmati
Fidel Rahmati
Fidai Rahmati is the editor and content writer for Khaama Press. You may follow him at Twitter @FidelRahmati

Astronomers have released extraordinary images of spiral galaxies captured with high-quality and astonishing detail by the James Webb Space Telescope. Scientists hope that these images will reveal the how and where of star formation.

The galaxies featured in these published images are located near the Milky Way galaxy, with the closest one being 15 million light-years away and the farthest one at 60 million light-years from our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Astronomers state that these high-quality images may provide clues about the evolution of stars and offer insights into their development for humanity.

In total, 19 spiral galaxies have been published in these images.

The James Webb Telescope, since its launch for intergalactic exploration, has transmitted numerous breathtaking images, opening human eyes to the endless beauties of the cosmos.

This telescope was launched to capture images of the first stars and galaxies that shone in the universe. A year after its launch in 2021, it discovered six new galaxies that appeared to have formed between 500 to 700 million years after the Big Bang, which occurred 13.8 billion years ago.

Janis Lee, an astronomer from the Space Telescope Science Institute in Maryland, USA, also remarked, “The [new] images are not only stunning in terms of aesthetics but also tell a story about how stars form within themselves.”

 Spiral galaxies in the published images are seen in shades of red and orange, and according to astronomers, these images reveal extensive gaseous regions that indicate waves informing scientists about the distribution and movement of gas and dust in these galaxies.

The level of detail in these images is unprecedented and provides a new insight into the processes of formation and evolution of galaxies.

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