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Reports: Death sentences awarded in “Farkhunda Lynching Case” reversed

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FarkhundaThe death sentences awarded to four men involved in the brutal killing of a helpless Afghan girl in capital Kabul have been reversed.

Abdul Nasir Murid, the Judge at Appeal Court has told media that the death sentences of the four convicts have changed to imprisonment from 10 years to 20 years.

He said three convicts have been given 20 years imprisonment while a fourth one is awarded 10 years of imprisonment.

According to AP news agency the decision was made behind closed-door on Wednesday which outraged the girl’s family as well as criticism of the lawmakers and activists.

Shukria Barakzai has told the news agency that this is against the constitution of Afghanistan.

“This is against the constitution. The courts should be open to the public, and this closed-door hearing undermines the credibility of the sentences,” Shukria Barakzai is quoted by the news agency as saying.

Farkhunda Malikzada was lynched by an angry mob in Kabul on March 19 after she was wrongfully accused of burning a copy of the holy Quran.

The mob brutally beaten her to death, ran over a vehicle on her body and then set her body on fire during daylight near Shah Du Shamshera Shrine in the heart of Kabul.

However, investigation proofed all allegations baseless attributed to Farkhunda in this case.

The horrific incident dragged street protests across the country demanding “Justice for Farkhunda”.

Security agencies detained 40 suspects in connection to the case including 19 policemen for recklessness in their duties while the incident was happening.

The court later announced one year imprisonment to each of the 19 policemen, death sentences to four convicts, 16 years imprisonment to eight other convicts and 18 were released based on unavailability of enough evidence to proof their involvement in the murder.

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  1. This is very stupid law in Afghanistan. A death of an innocent woman should be given high priority in justice system.


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