Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary-General said on Thursday that no decision on troops withdrawal taken on a two-day NATO defense ministers meeting.

According to Stoltenberg, no decision was made because the alliance feels there is still hope for the peace process in Afghanistan.

Deciding to whether withdraw all troops by May 1st per US-Taliban deal is a very difficult decision, If NATO stays its troops will be attacked and if they leave the will put the decades of gains at extreme risk.  

Stoltenberg reiterates that the withdrawal of all the troops is condition-based, he added that the alliance was hoping for a decrease in violence but it escalated as feared by many.

No progress has yet been made, and that peace talks are in a “fragile” state, Stoltenberg added, “there is still time to reach a political agreement before the deadline of 1st of May”

He emphasized that the Taliban should negotiate in good faith, decrease the level of violence and cut ties with all terrorist groups.

NATO is closely monitoring the situation on the ground and an assessment is ongoing and based on it a decision will be made.

President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday urged the international community and regional nations to put pressure on the Taliban and their supporters to reach a political settlement.

On the other hand, President Ashraf Ghani urged international and regional nations to put pressure on the Taliban.

During his speech at a Geneva summit follow-up workshop, he raised the matter of extreme rise in the violence gripping Afghanistan, he added Taliban violence escalation proves the legitimacy of the Republic.

President Ghani expressed that he believes violence is not the political solution as political solutions require a comprehensive agreement in which “independent, free and nationally united Afghanistan” exists and every citizen man, woman, young, old consider themselves “owners of Afghanistan”.

This comes as intelligence units from regional countries of Afghanistan held a two-day conference on security and the fight against terrorism.

This summit was attended by ministers and heads of national security and intelligence services from eight countries including the United States, Pakistan, and Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan.

The reason for establishing the summit was to attract the support of regional countries and the world in the fight against terrorism and work for the peace process in Afghanistan.  


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