Ata Mohammad NoorThe Afghan national security forces have eliminated all four terrorists and ended siege of a building near the Indian consulate after almost 25 hours of resistance.

The provincial government media office said the operation was jointly conducted by the special forces of the Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army under the supervision of acting governor Gen. Ata Mohammad Noor.

Noor earlier said clearing operations near the Indian consulate is carefully being conducted in a bid to prevent losses to the lives and properties of the civilians.

Noor further added that the Afghan security forces have forced the remaining terrorists into a confined part of the building by tightening grip on the situation since last night.

He said the remaining terrorist would be eliminated by the Afghan security forces by tonight, urging the local residents to remain calm.

A group of heavily armed insurgents launched a coordinated attack in a bid to storm into the consulate building on Sunday night but were forced to hide into a residential building after the security forces thwarted the attack plot.

According to reports, a member of the Afghan Special Operations forces lost his life and 9 others including 5 security personnel were injured during the standoff.