‘Train to Busan’ director’s ‘Hellbound’ became the world’s most popular series on the list.

The fantasy-horror series – about demons who hunt sinners and send them to hell – became the world’s most-watched Netflix TV series on November 20.

As of November 22, it remained in the number one spot, the website said.

The series tops steaming ratings in more than 80 countries within 24 hours of its debut, breaking Squid Game’s 46 non-consecutive days in the top place.

It came number one in countries such as South Korea, Mexico, and Belgium while entering into the top three in the likes of the US, Canada, and Germany.

Hellbound is about an alternate version of Earth overrun by monsters and focuses on a group of demons who hunt down sinners previously visited by a celestial being that has informed them of the date and time of their death.


  • Mehr Ali is a Journalist, photographer, and football player.