ss26 years before Ex-soviet union withdrew its last forces from Afghanistan on February 15 marking it the end of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Soviet troops began its last withdrawal at May 15, 1988 and completed on February 15, 1989.

Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan lasted for over nine years which caused heavy casualties and damages to Afghanistan.

An estimated of 1.5 million Afghans were martyred; Hundreds of thousands disabled and nearly 10 million others emigrated from the country with most of them to neighboring Pakistan and Iran.

The war was fought between then Kabul administration and Mujahideen.

Kabul forces were led by soviet and Mujahideen were assisted by Saudi Arabia, United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Iran, China and some other countries.

The neighboring countries Pakistan, Iran and China would to the most parts give military training to Mujahideen and Saudi Arabia, United States and United Kingdom financial support.

Billions of dollars were delivered to Mujahideen in the fight against the Soviet invasion which finally led to the defeat of the soviet forces in Afghanistan and the break of the Soviet Union.

Soviet Union broke following the defeat in Afghanistan.