Some prominent Pakistani religious scholars are not attending the international conference of religious scholars hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to reports, some of the prominent Pakistani Ulemas have decided not to participate in the conference due to strong statement which was included in the invitation letter to the religious scholars.

Pakistan’s Daily Times newspaper reports that it has seen the invitation letter sent to scholars in Pakistan and Afghanistan in which all armed groups in Afghanistan have been declared terrorists.

The source further adds that the letter is signed by Yousef A Al-Othaimeen, OIC secretary-general and a former Saudi cabinet minister.

The invitation says that the main purpose of the conference is to reject the “erroneous interpretations of Islamic views by terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan”.

“From this platform, we call on all armed groups to shun terrorism, recognise the Afghan government, sit at the negotiation table and participate in political process,” contents of the letter said, adding the progress and development of Afghanistan are seriously impeded by the activities of violent and extremist groups, illegal armed groups and criminals.

In the meantime, reports indicate that the prominent Pakistani religious scholars Tahir Ashrafi and the leader of Jamiat Ulemas Islam Maulana Fazalur Rehman have not attended the conference.

A delegation of the Pakistani religious scholars who had attended a similar conference in Indonesia have also rejected to participate in the conference.

This comes as the Afghanistan High Peace Council officials had earlier said that religious scholars from 37 countries have said that they will participate in the conference.

High Peace Council spokesman Ehsanullah Taheri had said the religious scholars from Pakistan will also take part in the conference.

He said the participants of the conference will review the ongoing war in Afghanistan from the perspectives of Islam and Sharia.