At least six rockets landed near the residence of Abdul Rab Rasool Sayyaf, the former Afghan lawmaker and one of the prominent political and Jihadi leaders of the country.

Sources close to Sayyaf said the incident took place earlier today in Paghman district after six rockets fired from unknown location landed in the vicinity close to Sayyaf’s house.

The sources further added that the attack has not incurred any casualties or damages to any property.

No group or individual has so far claimed responsibility behind the attack.

This comes as Sayyaf’s residence came under a similar attack late in May last year without incurring casualties.

Several rockets were also fired on the residence of Sayyaf earlier in May last year but the attack did not result into any casualties.

Sayyaf is one of the most influential jihadi leaders and has been harshly criticizing the Taliban group for their insurgency activities.

He has been harshly criticizing the Taliban militants group and dismiss their so called jihad as a move against th principles of Islam.

Sayyaf reaffirmed his hard stance against the insurgent groups last month last month during a gathering on the eve of Mujahideen’s victory and called on militant groups last month to end slavery for the outsiders.

He insisted that the militant and terrorist groups fighting in the country should not brand their insurgency as Jihad, insisting that killing of children, women, destroying houses and committing other horrific crimes are not a holy war.