Pakistan’s prominent Pashto singer Nazia Iqbal has accused her younger brother of raping her two young daughters, it has been reported.

Police officials in Pakistan’s Rawalpindi have said, Iftikhar, the brother of the singer, has been arrested after a complaint was lodged against him by his sister.

The complaint was lodged by the prominent signer in Rawalpindi’s Rawat police station and the authorities have reportedly carried out medical examinations on the two young daughters of Iqbal.

The officials have said that Punjab province’s Forensic Lab will work on the medical examinations and will soon produce a report to confirm the involvement of Iqbal’s brother in the rape of her two young daughters.

Nazia Iqbal is one of the prominent singers of Pakistan and is particularly famous for her Pashto songs although she sings in other local languages including Urdu.

She has millions of fans across Pakistan as well as Afghanistan and the Middle Eastern countries.

In the meantime, the authorities in Rawalpindi of Pakistan have said that the singer has caught her brother red handed while raping one of her daughters.

The incident has reportedly taken place on Tuesday night and has attracted widespread condemnation on social media.