February 07, 2018

SIGAR’s Afghanistan report to Trump admin offers bleak progress statistics

By Khaama Press - Wed Feb 01 2017, 12:32 pm

The United States Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko has offered bleak progress statistics about Afghanistan in his latest report to President Donald Trump administration.

Sopko released the 269-page report days after the formation of the new US administration.

The report states that the Afghan government barely controls half of the country while the Afghan security forces numbers are on the reduction.

Sopko further adds in his report that the drug production is on the rise, expressing concerns regarding the eradication which is lower.

However, he points towards a noticeable reduction in corruption, specifically during the procurement of the goods and services.

The formation of the national procurement commission is one of the major initiatives of the government of national unity as President Ghani has stepped up efforts to counter the growing corruption in the country.

Sopko in his report said ‘reconstruction remains tenuous and incomplete’ after 15 years and billions of dollars of investment.

Pointing towards the growing instability in the country, Sopko said “The Afghan security forces need continued donor support, plus mentoring and limited tactical support from the U.S. military, to block insurgent advances.”

Widespread reports regarding the loss of hundreds of millions of US taxpayers’ dollars waste, corruption and mismanagement by both Afghan and U.S. contractors led to the establishment of the SIGAR in 2008.

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