August 15, 2018

Shuja Rabbani becomes Afghanistan’s first celebrity, only verified Instagram user

By Ghanizada - Thu Oct 27 2016, 5:09 pm

shuja-rabbaniA prominent Afghan artist and influential social media activist has become the first celebrity from Afghanistan to get a verified Instagram account.

The verification of Rabbani’s account on Instagram, one f the most powerful social media platforms, comes as another milestone for Rabbani’s personal branding as the music producer also received the blue tick from Facebook and announced the verification in a recent tweet.

Rabbani is currently amongst the top Twitter users in Afghanistan and he is known for self-expression beyond the art of music production, according to an press release.

Rabbani is also an active blogger and one of Afghanistan’s few English writers who engages in humanitarian and political discussions.

“I am aware that several Hollywood celebrities have shut down their social media accounts due to hate messages and cyber bullying, and while I am nowhere near as popular as they are on social media, I am not exempted from online harassment either. I have had my share of aggressive cyber bullies from Afghanistan sending hateful tweets from anonymous accounts – however, I made up my mind long ago that I was not going to give up and I am very happy today to see that my resilience has paid off and I get to have the last laugh,” says Rabbani in reference to the challenges of living a public life under the scrutiny of a conservative Afghan society.

Earlier this year, Rabbani released his second LP album titled ‘Alpha Male’ thorough his self-owned record label Rabbani Records. The combined views on videos for his two promotional singles from the album have reached over 1.5 million viewers on the Internet, a staggering figure in comparison to the international outreach and musical appeal by other artists from Afghanistan.

On his Twitter account, Rabbani is frequently seen publishing poll tweets that have, at times, garnered over 50,000 participants in less than 24-hours. His Twitter and Instagram accounts are followed by a handful of Hollywood celebrities, internationally renowned journalists and media personalities, and Ambassadors from around the world. In his recent social media posts, Rabbani has hinted he is currently working on a new album with expected release in 2017.

Shuja Rabbani is an Electronic Dance Music producer from Afghanistan who is currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is a frequent blogger on political topics concerning Afghanistan and his opinion pieces have been published in international news websites.

His music is available in over 200 digital outlets including iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon and Beatport, and he is amongst the few names in Middle East’s music industry to be established as an independent record label.

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  1. Hey Ghanizada,
    this is great news for the country. Since most businesses are using twitter for business, now this is one step closer to using Instagram too. This is another platform with massive reach.

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