The Shpageeza league teams were purchased at high prices as the domestic cricket grows rapidly in Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) said the auction took place in Serena Hotel in Kabul and various prominent domestic and international entrepreneurs participated in the auction to purchase the cricket teams for the upcoming Shpageeza season.

The General Petroleum purchased Kabul Bazan (Kabul Falcons) at a price of USD 89,000.

The Spinghar Zmaryan (Spinghar Lions) was purchased at a price of USD 69,000 by Muslimyar group.

Band-e-Amir team has been purchased at  a price of USD 150,000 by Paragoon Trading Group while the Boost Guardians team has been purchased at a price of USD 80,000.

The Amu Divers team has been purchased at a price of USD 110,000 by Al-Masafi compny while Mes Aynak team has been purchased at a price of USD 90,000 by Waziri Group.

This comes as the cricketing sport had major achievements on the domestic and international level during the recent years.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) awarded First Class and List A status for the domestic cricket competitions earlier this year.

The latest development comes as Afghanistan is expecting to achieve Test Status from the International Cricket Council.

According to ACB “Afghanistan’s Cricket Domestic Four Day matches are honored with First Class status and Shpageeza Cricket League with Grade A by ICC.”

The domestic four day matches are being organized annually under the name of Ahmadshah Abdali Tournament while the Shpaeeza cricket league is played in the format of Twenty20.