January 22, 2018

Shahrukh Khan condemn barbaric killing of Indian troops

By Sajad - Sat Jan 12 2013, 10:59 am

Shahrukh Khan condemn Pakistan attackIndian actor Shahrukh Khan condemned the barbaric killing of two Indian soldiers by Pakistani troops at the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashir and said the government should take a hard stand.

SRK quoted by CNN IBN Live said, “Things like country, politics, sports, war, border should be kept different… (he recalled that his earlier remarks on sports had raised a controversy) In a country so volatile, where the youth demand a hard stand… which is a good thing in a democracy. I don’t want to participate in anything of which we both don’t have knowledge. I think you and I should be looking at methods to end this strife at the border.”

“I have been watching TV, where people are saying ‘haan sabak sikha denge’ (let’s teach them a lesson). That is completely wrong. It is sad, soldiers should not die for unnecessary reasons. We should take a hard stand. We should be very clear and whoever does wrong, should have to account for it and be put to the test. As an Indian, I am deeply saddened,” Khan said.

Tension between India and Pakistan has escalated in Kashmir since January 6 when a Pakistani soldier was killed allegedly by Indian troops.

Two days later, two Indian soldiers were killed and beheaded near the LoC. Indian officials blamed Pakistani troops for the horror.

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  1. As a Pakistani ,I love my country ,my people ,and 4r me all the people who r against our values and my country they r anyme of my country ,…Sharukh khan can speak against us in his country ,if he has power than he should come in a ground ,,,than he will get its answer ,,,,,and i ask what kind of power his army have ,,,,by whom he is scaring us …….IF he is a real Muslim than he shouldn’t forget ”that if his country have the power of Weapons ,more population,…than as a Muslims we have power of faith and we r also Nuclear powered country ….IF they take a hard step ,,,as say Sharukh khan …they will get its answer …If he is hero of Devil world ,,,than we r hero’s Islam and ‘The Greatest Lord ” helps us

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