Shahla AttaShahla Ata, a former Member of Parliament and presidential election candidate in the year 2009, that she did not win, did not die of natural reasons, she was murdered, say her family.

Family members of Shahla Ata while talking to a news conference on Wednesday said that they have enough evidence to proof that she did not die of natural reasons at her residence and that she was murdered.

Shahla Ata’s family asked government to arrest the murderers and punish them for the crime.

Shahla Ata was found dead at her residence in the 10th Police District of Kabul city week.

Police confirmed the death of Shahla Ata but said that the cause of her death will be announced after the investigation.

Shahla Ata found way to the parliament in 2005 after which she ran for the country’s presidency in 2009 but did not win.

She also had a welfare organization, Atta Foundation, which provides humanitarian assistance to women whose husbands have died or disabled.

She belonged to the family of late Sardar Mohammad Dawoud Khan.

She was born in 1967 and her dead body found at her residence in Kabul on 12 March 2015.