militants-filephoto-660According to reports, a group of influential Taliban leaders have recently met in Islamabad to discuss the political situation of Afghanistan and the Afghan peace talks.

The Taliban leaders included top Taliban military man Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor, key Taliban commander for southern Afghanistan Maulavi Hassan Rahmani, Abdul Rauf Khadim and Mullah Gul Agha who are considered to be close to Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

A senior adviser in Afghan presidential palace has told the American newspaper The Daily Beast that the meeting of the Taliban senior leaders was a positive development.

“It’s good that the entire leadership felt safe enough to get together to share ideas on how to move forward on peace talks. Of course it’s no secret that Taliban leaders are enjoying a happier life than ever these days in Pakistan,” the official told The Daily Beast.

Meanwhile, a senior Taliban leader who attended the meeting told The Daily Beast that the leaders met for two days in Islamabad and Murree, and it was widely agreed that it would be fruitless to ramp up the pace of hte armed struggle through this winter and into next summer, which will only lead to casualties.

The Taliban leader speaking on the condition of anonymity said the meeting of the Shura concluded with no military solution. “Even the speeding up of attacks would not make much difference on the ground.”

“Most agreed that after more than 12 years of war searching for a political solution would be the best option,” the senior Taliban official said adding that, “We can’t suddenly gain magical strength that can guarantee our takeover of Kabul.”

He also added, “Even if we did somehow capture Kabul, it would not end the war.”

The Afghan government officials have not formally commented regarding the report so far.