Taliban-leaderA senior Taliban leader was killed following an ambush by Afghan security forces in eastern Paktia province of Afghanistan.

Local government officials in Paktia confirmed that Mohammad Nezam Khel was killed along with four other militants following ambush by Afghan police forces.

The provincial government media office following a statement said Mohammad Nezam Khel was the military chief and shadow governor for Khoshamand district of Paktia province.

The statement further added that Nezam Khel was involved in roadside bombings and direct attacks on Afghan and coalition security forces in this province.

At least four people including three policemen were also injured during the clashes.

Paktia is among the volatile provinces in eastenr Afghanistan where anti-government armed militant groups including Taliban militants and Haqqani Network terrorists are active in a number of its districts and frequently carry out insurgency attacks.

At least 60 insurgents including foreign militants were killed after a group of around 300 militants launched attacks on Afghan security check posts in Paktika, the neigboring province of Paktia last week.


  • Ahmad Shah Ghani Zada is the former Senior Editor of Khaama Press Agency who managed and overlooked the English edition. He is occasionally contributing stories to the agency.