Afghan interior ministryA senior security official accused in misuse of authority was sacked by the ministry of interior affairs of Afghanistan in eastern Nangarhar province.

Officials in the interior ministry of Afghanistan following a statement said district security chief of Rodat district Zahir Zahiri for misuse of authority.

The officials further added that the district security chief of Rodat Zahir Zahiri was working in favor of a particular presidential elections candidate, and was collecting voter card by misusing his government authority.

The statement did not disclose further information regarding the presidential candidate who was supported by Rodat district security chief.

The newly appointed acting interior minister of Afghanistan Mohammad Omar Daudzai urged Afghan police officials to prevent supporting a specific presidential candidate, and prove their independency in Afghan presidential elections.

Mr. Daudzai also warned that the involvement of Afghan police in presidential elections, and by supporting a specific candidate will challenge the outcome of the elections, and will have a negative impact on the future political situation of the country.