Islamic State which also goes by its Arabic name “Daesh” has claimed responsibility for twin explosions in eastern Nangarhar province.

Abu Hamid who introduces himself as a spokesman for the Islamic State has stated in a message sent to media that they were behind both explosions.

One blast took place close to the residence of the first-deputy of the Lower House of Parliament or Wolesi Jirga, Haji Abdul Zahir Qadir, that did not have casualties but another blast targeted the vehicle of a police officer that wounded two policemen.

Officer of the Human Rights Department of Nangarhar police was driving in his vehicle that struck a landmine close to the office of the provincial council in Jalalabad city around 11:00 am.

Officials said that Colonel Abdul Mohammad Kamawal survived the blast but the driver and a policeman wounded.

The victims have been taken to Nangarhar Regional Hospital for treatment. One of the policemen has sustained injuries to his head and doctors have announced him being in critical condition.

Ahmadzia Abdulzai, spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar said that the vehicle was also badly damaged in the incident.