Khushnood Nabizada, Chief of Staff at State Ministry for Peace and the founder of Khaama Press News Agency, was targeted in an IED blast in PD10 Hangara Square of Kabul city on Monday morning.

Nabizada told Khaama Press that the blast happened as he was on his way to work, and he was not seriously wounded in the incident.

He had two of his children, a daughter and a son in the car with him, fortunately, they did not inflict any injuries.

According to Nabizada, his driver was mildly wounded.

He added that there was no information on whether the blast was by a magnetic IED or a roadside IED caused it.

Kabul police also said that the blast took place on a cruiser in which one individual was injured.

This comes in a time as violence against civil society activists and journalists has escalated and raged across the country, especially in Kabul and a member from a media outlet or an activist is targeted on a daily basis.

No group including the Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.


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