US President Joe Biden in his White House public speech on Afghanistan said that sending and doubling troops in Afghanistan, staying for long in the country and fighting for the civil war of a foreign country was a mistake and he is not repeating that mistake and is bringing the war to an end.

Joe Biden said that he will not let his men and women in service fight for others anymore and does not regret the decision of full withdrawal of troops.

The US President said that they spent over a trillion dollars to train and equip the Afghan forces but they were not willing to fight for themselves thus, he added we are not fighting in Afghanistan anymore.

“As known for the graveyard of empires, Afghanistan misery will never end with any number of military presence in that country.” Said Biden.

On political failure in Afghanistan Biden said, the leaders in Afghanistan failed to come together and shape a political stance and they also fail to end corruption in government.

He said as they conclude their longest every military engagement in Afghanistan, their diplomacy will continue to prevent violence in Afghanistan and will work through their economic means to help Afghans.

The US president warned the Taliban if attacked while evacuating the US citizens and Afghans, they will confront a swift and forceful response.

Joe Biden plans to expand his SIV program to more Afghans and is willing to vacate the civilian personnel of US allies as they are in charge of protecting Kabul airport.


  • Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.