April 01, 2018

Sediq Sediq recalled from India for his comments on Pakistan

By Jawed Rostapoor - Sun Jan 06 2013, 7:49 pm

Sediq SediqiAfghan interior ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqi was summoned by interior minister Mojtaba Patang while he was attending a 7 days seminar in India.

He returned to Kabul after the attending the seminar only for two days and was reportedly called back by interior minister following his comments regarding Pakistan.

A source in interior ministry speaking on condition of anonymity told Khaama Press, “Interior ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqi, a day before leaving for India and during his interview with a foreign news agency informed of continued interference by Pakistan in Afghanistan affairs and accused the Pakistani government for supporting the Taliban militants.”

The source further added, “Afghan ambassador to Pakistan Omer Daudzai was summoned by Pakistan foreign ministry a day after Mr. Sediqi’s comments and asked him to clarify the comments of interior ministry spokesman sediq Sediqi.”

The official also added, “Afghan ambassador in Islamabad informed Afghan presidential palace regarding his impeachment by Pakistan foreign ministry which led to instructions by president office to Mojtaba Patang in order to query Mr. Sediqi regarding his interview and attempt to break agreement between the two nations.”

This comes as the two nations recently agreed to prevent conspiracies by the government spokesmen however Pakistani officials are saying that Mr. sediqi has breached the agreement.

In the meantime political observers believe that Mr. Sediqi was recalled from India by presidential palace officials since Pakistan has a considerable influence inside the president office. They are also saying that individuals working inside the presidential palace are under the influence of neighboring Pakistan and Iran who are not prepared to tolerate comments against the two neighboring countries of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile it is yet not clear if Mr. Sediqi will be able to continue as interior ministry spokesman or not, since the observers believe that he might become victim of the influential individuals working for the neighboring countries of Afghanistan.

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  1. In Afghanistan people who cannot have allegience to Pakistan will fail to  stay in power or in office. 
    This is at leat what we can do at present time to voice the realities of Afghanistan vs its neigbors, but if the palace pro palkistan politics sympatizers let us do it. this is not the first of such reactions- the series had commenced with Omer beeing pushed to resign as presidential spokesperson.  

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