At least 12 workers of the Ministry of Urban Development and Land including a general director were arrested by the Afghan security officials for their involvement in corruption, MoI spokesman Tariq Arian confirmed the issues in a thread of tweets.

According to sources procurement officials and construction engineers are among the detained officials charged with corruption.

Khaama Press in a leaked letter from the Attorney General’s Office to the Ministry of Urban Development found that an order was issued on the arrest of the perpetrators.

Those involved in the corruption were named in the AGO’s letter, the list contains:

  1. Khatera Sadat
  2. Engineer Hakim Ayub
  3. Nabiullah Azimi
  4. Eng. Mirwais Ahmadi
  5. Qayoum Shams
  6. Rahm-e-Khuda Paiman
  7. Sayed Samir
  8. Mina Noorzai
  9. Ahmad Shah Farahmand
  10. Eng. Abdul Hamid Farooq
  11. Eng. Mohammad Azim Ahmadi
  12.  Eng. Ayatullah

These indivduals are accused of corruption in the Ministry of Urban Development and Land.

The perpetrators are said to have been arrested for corruption and summoned to the Attorney General’s Office.

These officials were given detention order following the investigation and findings of anti crime police.


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