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Security forces killed, wounded in Ghor, Badghis, Zabul provinces

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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Sources in Badghis reported that at least seven policemen were killed and two others were wounded in a Taliban attack in the province.

Local sources in Badghis province say four security forces have been killed in a Taliban attack on a security checkpoint in the province’s Muqur district.

But Abdul Azizbeg, head of Badghis provincial council said that the incident took place on Wednesday night 500 meters away from the Center of Muqur district.

According to Azizbeg told media that further five security force members were injured during the skirmish.

Reports indicate that Taliban have taken five other security members and station’s equipment with them.

Some sources said that two policemen were missing following the skirmish between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

However, the Taliban in a statement said that nine policemen including their commander “Ghawsuddin” were killed when the group stormed and overran the outpost in Badghis province.

Local security officials have not commented yet.

This comes as Security officials in Ghor province said, that the Taliban attacked a security outpost on Wednesday night in the Wazhguna area, west of Firozkuh the provincial capital.

Amirdad Parsa, a spokesman for Ghor police HQ said that a security force member was killed and two others were injured during the clash.

He did not comment on the casualties inflicted on the Taliban.

Moreover, a 12-year-old child was killed when a roadside bomb exploded in the Taighe Taimur area of west Firozkuh.

The placed IED was blamed on the Taliban, but the group has not yet commented.

In a similar incident, the Taliban attacked a local army base in the Zabul province on Wednesday and clashes are reported to be ongoing in the region.

The incident occurred in the Holand area of Shahjoy district when the Taliban first detonated a car bomb near the base, before getting engaged with security forces.

The media reported that at least 10 Afghan security force members including their commander Mohammad Reza were killed.

This is an only local army base in the area that is home to nearly 200 local army forces.

Both government officials and the Taliban have not yet commented on the attack.

These clashes come despite peace efforts and an official announcement of the US and NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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