Classified British Defense documents with detail of HMS defenders and the presence of the British military in Afghanistan have been found at a bus stop in England, BBC reported.

The document discusses the presence of the British military in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops later this year, and Royal Navy warship HMS Defender’s passenger through Ukrainian waters of the Crime coast last week, and likely Russian reactions.

The one who has found the document wished to be anonymous and handover the document to BBC, once they realized the sensitive nature of the papers, BBC said.

Investigations were launched by the British government to find out the motive behind such a sensitive bunch of documents that were found at a bus stop.

According to the BBC, most of the papers are marked “official sensitive”.

The 50 pages document includes emails and PowerPoint, originated in the office of a senior official at the Ministry of Defense (MoD).

BBC said that the document discusses an American request for British assistance in several specific areas and addresses the question of whether any British special forces will remain in Afghanistan once the withdrawal is complete.

One of the documents addressed to Ben Wallace’s private secretary, and marked “Secret UK Eyes Only”, outlines highly sensitive recommendations for the UK’s military footprint in Afghanistan.

BBC denied to publish detail which would endanger the security of British and other personnel in Afghanistan.