At least four technical workers of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat, the State-run utility firm, sustained injuries in an explosion close to a power pylon in Kabul.

This was the second explosion close to the power pylon which took place hours after a similar incident took place late on Sunday evening.

Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat in a statement confirmed that four technical workers of the firm sustained injuries and two of them are in critical conditions.

The statement further added that the explosion took place as the technical workers were busy repairing the damaged transmission tower in Mir Bacha Kot.

The firm had earlier announced that militants that the militants attempted to fully cut the supply of electricity to Kabul by detonating the last transmission tower which is being used to supply electricity to Kabul.

It also added that the militants detonated explosives close to 613 power pylon in Chemtala of Kabul late on Sunday, destroying three three of the four foundation legs of the tower.

However, Da Breshna Sherkat said the fourth foundation leg of the pylon remained intact which prevented the total collapse of the tower and as a result a total blackout was prevented in the capital.


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