The Second Afghanistan-India International Trade and Investment Show kicked off in Mumbai city of India earlier today and will continue until 15th of September with an aim to attract more investment in Afghanistan.

The Chief Executive of the Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah, the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass, and some other high level officials had attended the opening ceremony of the Second International Trade and Investment Show between Afghanistan and India (Road to Prosperity).

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony, Abdullah hailed the government of India for hosting the show and said the government of Afghanistan has implemented wide reforms with an aim to attract investment and pave the way for access to finances.

According to Abdullah, the government is actively responding to the demands of the traders, investors, and private sectors to boost the economy of the country.

Abdullah further added that the government is committed to support the investors as well as the Afghan and international traders to invest in Afghanistan.

He also added that Afghanistan could play a key role and connective bridge between South and Central Asia in the areas of transportation, energy, and other sectors.

The U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass had earlier said the United States aims to attract more investment to Afghanistan and contracts worth $27 million were signed during the first international and trade exhibition between Afghanistan and India last year.