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Sayyaf declare jihad against Taliban, regrets for not killing Mullah Omar at first

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SayyafThe former prominent jihadi leader Abdul Rab Rasool Sayyaf rejected the Taliban group movement as ‘Un-Islamic’ and declared jihad against the group’s militants.

Speaking during a gathering to commemorate the Week of Martyr, Sayyaf said the Taliban movement is neither Afghan-led nor there is any religious justification for their movements.

He suggested that the Taliban militants should immediately free themselves from the ongoing ‘Un-Islamic’ movement, insisting that those who lose their lives fighting for the group will never be granted the status of martyr.

Recalling the remarks of Mullah Mansoor Dadullah regarding the appointment of Taliban’s leader by Pakistani military intelligence (ISI), Sayyaf said the neighboring countries of Afghanistan with a mentality to destroy Afghanistan must understand that they will be destroyed first.

Sayyaf is one of the most influential jihadi leaders and has been harshly criticizing the Taliban group for their insurgency activities.

He once again took a hard stance against the group following a series of deadly attacks in capital Kabul earlier last month which left scores of people dead and nearly 400 others wounded.

In his speech shortly after a truck bombing in Shah Shaheed area of the city, Sayyaf recalled a message to Taliban 15 years ago saying that the slaves and oppressors will die in worst ways.

He said “he had warned Taliban that their masters would arrest them and unfortunately they were used against the Afghan nation.”

“From whom they were receiving commands during the past 2 years? Obviously they were fighting on behest of their masters as Mullah Omar could not give commands from the grave,” Sayyaf said.

The remarks by Sayyaf followed by Taliban’s top commander Mullah Mansoor Dadullah’s remarks last month confirming Mullah Omar did not die naturally but was assassinated, confirming the reports suggesting Mullah Omar was mysteriously killed in April 2013 in a hospital in Karachi city of Pakistan.

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