The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host an international conference of the religious scholars in coming days regarding the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan High Peace Council officials are saying that religious scholars from 37 countries have said that they will participate in the conference.

High Peace Council spokesman Ehsanullah Taheri said the religious scholars from Pakistan will also take part in the conference.

Taheri further added that the conference will be organized with the support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

He said the participants of the conference will review the ongoing war in Afghanistan from the perspectives of Islam and Sharia.

This comes as efforts are underway to end the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan through peaceful negotiations.

However, the Taliban group has so far refrained to respond positively to the ongoing efforts for the revival of peace talks.

In the meantime, the High Peace Council Secretariat Chief Mohammad Akram Khpalwak informed regarding the possible launch of direct talks as he was briefing the lawmakers in the Lower House of the Parliament on Wednesday.

Khpalwak further added that they hope to see a positive outcome regarding the ceasefire and direct talks taking into consideration the national consensus, regional and international support for the reconciliation process.

According to Khpalwak, the recent uprisings for reconciliation, specifically the recent stance announced by Saudi Imams, have created a best opportunity for the peace talks.

He also added that the High Peace Council and government are fully prepared for the peace talks and consider the situation as viable for the peace process.