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Saudi Arabia builds major Islamic Centre in Afghanistan

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is looking to construct one of the biggest Islamic Centre in Afghanistan which will be unique in its structure in the region.

According to Afghan government officials The Malik Abdullah Islamic Centre will comprise of a major Islamic studies university, a hostel that will serve at least 5,000 students, a hospital and a sports complex.

Besides, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will construct a mosque which will have a capacity for more than 15,000 prayers similar to Faisal Mosque built in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

The overall construction is expected to be between $45 million to $100 million and the construction work is expected to begin next year which will be completed in 3 years time.

Officials in the Ministry of Hajj and Islamic Affairs of Afghanistan said the construction of the Islamic Centre was signed between Yousuf Niazi, Afghan Hajj and Islamic Affairs Minister and Bandar Bin Mohammad Al-Hejar, Minister for Hajj of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The officials said ‘The Malik Abdullah Islamic Centre’ will be built in 60 acres of land at Maranjan Hill at the center of capital Kabul.

The construction design of the Islamic Centre was predicted during the kingdom of Malik Fahad former king of Saudi Arabia but the construction was delayed due to unrest in Afghanistan.

Dahi-ul-Haq Abid deputy Afghan Hajj and Islamic Affairs Minister said, “The Islamic Centre which will be built in Afghanistan will be unique in the region and probably will not be less than the Islamabad University built by Saudi Arabia. The Islamic Centre will be built in Maranjan Hill at the center of Kabul city.”

Officials in the Ministry of Hajj and Islamic Affairs of Afghanistan said the construction work of the Centre will be supervised by a commission comprised of six officials including officials from the Ministries of Hajj and Islamic Affairs of Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

The officials further added besides the students who will be trained in the university, Afghan Mullah Imams will also be trained.

According to Afghan officials, the Islamic Centre will pave the way for professional Islamic studies in Afghanistan despite thousands of Madrasas are serving in the country.

In the meantime the Islamic Centre will help the Afghan government to provide Islamic studies opportunities inside Afghanistan, who are currently studying in Pakistan which is considered to be a vital place for the Taliban group to attract fighters.

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  1. very very great news, I really from the aspects this plan is an unique idea, 
    maranjan hill is a best place in Kabul, if the university, mosque and sport club will build in this location, will bring a complete beauty to Kabul city, 

    there will be some problem under way for the building of this center, Pakistan and Iran will not be happy for the center for Pakistan they will not be able to recruite Muslim students as a terrorist for Iran will be that this center will no longer let expanding of Iranian shia motivations in Afghanistan,

    and the other problem will that resident of this area will try to make issues for building the center as they have been gotten the maranjan hill area for their homes as a illegal residents of area 


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