March 30, 2018

Salman Khan threatens to beat Bigg Boss contestant

By Sajad - Tue Jan 01 2013, 10:54 am

Salman KhanAccording to reports Bollywood star Salman Khan has turned rival with the Fashion and style expert Imam Seddiqui in Bigg Boss shows.

The star has reportedly threatened to beat Imam Seddiqui for his bizarre and rude behavor, which has not only miffed the co-contestants but the host and superstar Salman Khan.

According to a source quoted by Bollywood Mantra, “During the shoot of the weekend episode, Imam picked up a fight with Salman. Not done with just a heated exchange of words, the actor told Imam he would come to the Bigg Boss house and beat him up.”

The ‘Dabangg’ star warned Imam for “speaking rubbish” and spoiling his frame of mind after celebrating a “good birthday.”

Reports also suggest that Salman walked away in the mid of the shoot and returned much later to shoot the later part. Imam’s apology failed to soothe the actor.

The source further added, “Salman’s main grouse was that Imam was openly flouting the house rules. After the huge showdown, he walked off the show. Resuming the shoot after a while, he kept his conversations with Imam to a bare minimum, only enquiring about the weekend’s nomination.”

Throughout the shoot, Imam tried several times to gain apology from the actor but Salman turned deaf ear to his apology. It is also come to hear from the horse mouth how Imam and his brother Moin since the last five years pestering Sallu to include Imam on the show.

Salman and Imam’s rivalry triggered when after repeated saying that the captain of the house should not be nominated for eviction as it is against the rule of the house, Imam nominated the captain of the house Niketan Madhok.

As per rule, Niketan has already reached the final but Imam nominated him and did not listen at all to Salman Khan. Imam later also cited how he had helped Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta reach the peak of success. Surprisingly, Salman backed his thick rival SRK saying it was his work and nothing else that has made him what he is today.

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  1. Its was nice to see a spoiled brat acknowledge that his rival has indeed reached higher grounds on his own accord and giving him his due. No man can claim to make another man (whatever it be money wise, career wise, etc, etc) accept God do it.  

  2. I liked when Salman Khan said “Imam apni hadh mein rehna. Aur tum kis Shah Rukh Khan ki baat kar rahe ho. Shah Rukh Khan ko bhagwan ne banaya hai. Shah Rukh Khan ki lagan and mehnat ne use banaya hai.” The mark of a true genius.

  3. i like

  4. Well thses are the good manner that a person with good heart carries with him/her. WELL DONE SALMAN….. GOD BLESS YOU…!
    And i think Mr Imam is just a waste and trouble, to the world. He is so self obsessed that it wont be long when he will proclaim himself to be god. And Salman is the guy who will get him on ground soon..!

  5. Well what imam did was not has bad has what sapna said to salman khan why didn’t he react to that so much this is a tv show its suppose to entertain the audience without imam this big boss season 6 would have been the worst season for big boss has the was a lot of mr&mrs going on it would be like another fiction drama in colours would have been called disaster marraige for 14 years. Thanks to imam who made this show very interesting imam to win defo!!!!!

  6. Actually all d co-contestant were bearing Imam Bcoz of d Shows rule other wise IMAM TO BAAT BAAT PAR KUTHE KI TARH PIT TAA….ab bahar aane ke baad bol sabko TIME OUT fir dekh tera time out hota hai ki nahi….TUCHE

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