The remarks by Amrullah Saleh, the running mate of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani about the alleged insult of Hazara people has sparked furor amid tensions over September presidential elections.

Saleh posted a statement online claiming that one of the members of a specific cell in Stability and Partnership team led by Abdullah Abdullah insulted the Hazara people.

Elaborating further about his claims, Saleh quoted the member of the team as saying that ‘The Hazara people have right no more than the size of their nose as God gave Hazara a smaller nose when he (God) was distributing noses and told him (Hazara) it is up to you to accept the smaller nose or not’.

According to Saleh, the member of the team made the remarks after one of his colleagues raised doubts regarding the participation of Hazaras in potential protests against election related issues.

Saleh went on to claim that the members of the team laughed at the remarks of their colleague, emphasizing that he is prepared to present evidence in this regard to Attorney General’s Office and Court so that they can take legal actions against the discriminatory and biased remarks.

Reactions to Saleh’s Remarks:

Reacting to Saleh’s remarks, Haji Mohammad Mohaqeq, one of the influential political leaders of Hazara who supports Abdullah’s team in elections, termed Mr. Saleh’s remarks as attack on Hazara people aimed at waging a psychological war in a bid to suppress the Hazara people so that they give up campaign for their rights.

Mohaqeq further added that all Afghan people including those with smaller and bigger noses have equal rights when it comes to elections and human rights as per the enforced laws.

He also added that the Stability and Partnership team proved the calculations of State Builder team as ‘false’ during elections who have no choice now other than relying on illusory ballot boxes and bio-metrically unverified votes after coming out of elections with ’empty hands’.

Furthermore, Mohaqeq said the Hazara will join their fellow countrymen to protest in support of the clean votes of people and against fraud in Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan when it is needed, emphasizing that the move would once again prove the calculations of State Builder as false.

The former minister of telecommunications and information technology Abdul Razaq Vahidi has said great thoughts and adherence to human values form the benchmark for humanity, not the shorter or longer noses otherwise elephants also have large trunks.

He also raised question regarding the difference between an individual who seeks political authority by publicizing racist thoughts and an animal which licks the excrement of another animal.

Terming Saleh’s writing as ‘Lie’, Dr. Mohammadi said the stink rising from the writing of Mr. Saleh is more annoying and despicable as compared to his lies.

Dr. Mohammadi further added that Saleh is sowing the seeds of division by adopting a sinister approach, knowing that the international supporters of Afghanistan consider the positive and negative views of Hazara people more than the two presidential runners.

Meanwhile, Sediqullah Tuwhidi, the director of Journalists Protection Committee said a specific group has monopolized the religious trade but certain politicians make instrumental use of racial discrimination to gain profit, emphasizing that any word echoing racial discrimination is an example of division and the speaker would be deemed as an hypocrite.


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