Saleh warns National Security CouncilThe former Afghan Intelligence Chief Amrullah Saleh has slammed the National Security Council for blaming the acting provincial governor Ata Mohammad for the fall of Kunduz city.

Saleh criticized Tawab Ghorzag the spokesman for the National Security Council for blaming Ata Mohammad for the instability of Kunduz province.

He warned to release the 200 classified documents and audio clips prepared by the factfinding team regarding the fall of Kunduz city if Ghorzang did not amend his remarks.

Ghorzang earlier posted in his official Facebook account that a security commander who was fully supported by influential leaders in Balkh province was one of the major reasons behind the fall of Kunduz city last year.

Responding to criticisms by Saleh, Ghorzang issued another statement saying he did not mention any specific individual in his post.

Noting the findings of the team led by Saleh, Ghorzang said the role of local influential leaders were mentioned as oen of the reasons behind the fall of the city.

The Taliban militants briefly captured the control of the strategic Kunduz city last year but the Afghan forces recaptured it from the militants.

The factfinding team led by Saleh concluded their investigation late in the month of November last year and blamed government’s failure in leadership and structural complexity for the fall of the city.