Amrullah Saleh denys civilian casualties by AAF Airstrike in Takhar.

KABUL, Afghanistan – First Vice President Amrullah Saleh denied civilian casualties by AAF airstrike that claimed at least 12 in Takhar province, saying the incident is “Baseless”.

While local authorities confirmed earlier the Afghan Air Force mistakenly targeted a Madrasa in Takhar province, killing at least 12 civilians, Saleh said he “saw the proof” indicating insurgents fighting Afghan forces were killed.

“The news of the killing of children in a Madrasa in Takhar is baseless,” he said in a Facebook Post soon after the news went public. “Those who dragged our forces to dust and blood yesterday were destroyed, and we have an undeniable proof.”

“Those who headline the rumor will be dealt accordingly,” Saleh added. “I saw the proof myself and wrote this [statement] with government and moral authority. Rest assured.”


[EARLIER: ‘12 Civilians Killed in AAF Airstrike in Takhar’]

TAKHAR, Afghanistan – At least 12 civilians killed and further 14 wounded after an airstrike by Afghan Air Force at a Madrasa (religious school) in Takhar province, local authorities confirmed Thursday, which was due to a mistaken target.  

According to the sources, majority of the victims are children.

Mohammad Jawad Hijri, spokesman for the Takhar Governor, told the media that the incident occurred at Hazara Qarqul of Taluqan, center of the city, where the Madrasa was mistakenly targeted by the Afghan Air Forces.

Officials did not further elaborate on the incident, but said Madrasa was never a target, but due to ongoing war in several parts of the city, air forces wrongfully measured the target.

The airstrikes came at a time Afghan Security Forces are battling with the Taliban insurgents in several districts of Takhar province in North Afghanistan.


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