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Safi Airways

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The airline Safi Airways – IATA-Code 4Q – was founded in 2006. Safi Airways is positioned to connect Afghanistan with the international business centers of the world and to establish a domestic Afghanistan airline service with highest quality and safety standards.
This private airline has its headquarter in Kabul/Afghanistan and an administrative office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Safi Airways currently operates a pure Boeing fleet of B737-300 and B 767-200ER. The executive team of Safi Airways is made up of seasoned European airline Executives from Germany and Belgium. The Cockpit Crews are well seasoned European and US pilots.

As first airline in the history of Afghan aviation, Safi Airways has been re-organized to satisfy the strict ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization, a UN organization based in Montreal, Canada) rules for a scheduled airline. In an audit by ICAO inspectors of all Afghan airlines, Safi Airways has been certificated as the first Afghan airline to be ICAO compliant.

Safi Airways vision is to make Afghanistan more reachable from all parts of the world. The flights to Dubai, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi are timed to reach most European and Asian connections from the airports. Since 15 June 2009, Safi Airways has opened the first non-stop connection from Kabul to Frankfurt, Germany and back. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Safi Airways uses its 767-200ER for the direct flight, which arrives in Frankfurt in the afternoon, in time to reach all European connections, the Wednesday flight is giving the opportunity to reach even the US East coast flights. The 767 has a two class configuration, a modern entertainment program and is prepared for a top service for this first non-stop flight from Afghanistan to Europe in over 30 years. The return flights to Kabul are leaving Frankfurt in the evening, arriving in Kabul early the next morning. The Frankfurt departure time is again chosen to have an easy connection in Frankfurt from all departure airports in the world.

With its Service- and Safety-Standard according to European expectations, Safi Airways has also achieved a name in the Afghan domestic services. A one hour flight between Kabul and Herat is substituting for an almost two day road trip. The airport infrastructure of Afghanistan – only Kabul and Kandahar have an instrument landing system – is allowing only daytime flights between these regional cities. Safi Airways is therefore planning a Regional Airline to connect more regional cities of Afghanistan, for example Faisabad and Zaranj.

As first Afghan airline, Safi Airways is now available in the Global Distribution Systems Amadeus, Galileo and Worldspan – Sabre will follow soon. It’s flights can be therefore booked from anywhere in the world. Safi Airways is using Hahnair for the selling of electronic tickets by every travel agent around the world. A traveler can now book tickets from his home town all the way to his Afghan destination and back, which was not possible so far.

These first non-stop services of Safi Airways between Europe and Afghanistan will help also the constantly increasing number of contractors of NGOs and other Government Help Agencies, who are active in rebuilding Afghanistan. Its employees have now a safer, faster, more direct access to and from Afghanistan.

Most Western Embassies are already exclusive customers of Safi Airways. President Hamid Karzai also trust Safi Airways for his flights to visit foreign countries: since 2009 all flights of the President abroad are flown by the B 767-200 of Safi Airways.

As of 15 July 2009, Safi Airways is opening its gates at Terminal 1 in the Dubai Airport, again as the first and only Afghan airline. This will help its customers to connect directly via terminal 1 and 3 to all international connecting flights and have their baggage checked thru to the final destination. This is a further important milestone for Safi Airways’ goal to make traveling to and from Afghanistan as enjoyable as possible.

Safi Airways’ Vision & Values

Safi Airways believe flying should always be a pleasure.

As one of the world’s newest airlines, Safi Airways is dedicated to delivering:

Unparalleled attention to safety
Warm, genuine, personal service – on the ground and in the air
Appreciation of cultural diversity and different people’s needs
World-leading standards for all systems, services, equipment and personnel
Ever-improving levels of comfort, innovation and hospitality.
Safi Airways brings back the pleasure of flying.

Safi Airways’ Mission

Always putting safety first – on board and on the ground
To be ‘airline of choice’ for passengers, cargo transportation and employees
Quick, efficient high quality service and reliability
A highly trained and motivated workforce
A wide network of customer support and back up
To exceed customer expectations day by day

 Kabul: Safi Airline Center

Quai-e Markaz, Shar-e-Naw
Near Kabul City Center
Kabul Afghanistan
Tel : +93 (0)20 22 22 222
Fax:  +93 (0)20 220 2058 

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