January 18, 2018

Safi Airways operations suspended due to AFN 1.15 billion outstanding debts

By Khaama Press - Sun Sep 04 2016, 6:56 pm

Safi Airways operations suspendedThe operations of a major airline in Afghanistan, Safi Airways, was suspended due to a large outstanding debt and taxes payable by the airline, the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) said Sunday.

According to a statement by Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA), the decision to suspend the operations of the airline was taken by the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan.

The statement further added that the airline has an outstanding debt payable amounting to AFN 1,152,774,691.

The Civil Aviation Authority said the outstanding debts are payable as per the tax declarations of the company for the solar year 1390 to 1393.

The airline did not take any step to clear the outstanding debts and taxes despite the Civil Aviation Authority prepared a draft signed by the other airlines to clear the outstanding dues in installments, ACAA said, adding that

According to ACAA, the officials of the airline will can be put on exit control list and the assets of the airline could be put on sale as per the 24th article of department of taxes affairs.

The Civil Aviation Authority said a formal letter has been sent to the airline to prevent the sale of its tickets and services until it does not meet the conditions and clear its outstanding debts, warning that the airline would be responsible for any actions it takes to resume operations.

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  1. Afghanistan is plagued by rogue businessmen, who have mastered the art of crony capitalism and working the system. Strange, isn’t it, that the goverment waited for the debt to rise to AFN 1.5 billion before taking any action? Even now the action taken seems to be perfunctory. An investigation and arrests would be order, to deter other rich crooks.

  2. Cridet where credit is due! Safi Airways is the best airline in the country; I hope the issue is solved soon to avoid any delay in its operations.

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