IMG_0012Syed Sadat Mansoor Naderi assumed charge of the Ministry of Urban Development on Wednesday after he was officially introduced by Eng. Mohamamd Khan – the first deputy to Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah.

Naderi reaffirmed commitment to standardize the urban development system and pledged to start practical work on plans which were presented to the Lower House of the Parliament.

He said construction of residence, roads and rehabilitation/reconstruction of informal settlements and old cities along with the creation of engineering and residence organization for better urban governance are parts of the national projects where practical steps would be taken.

Naderi also thanked the lawmakers in the Lower House of Parliament for casting confidence vote for him and pledged to take strict steps to tackle corruption in a bid to smoothly implement the plans.

Naderi was unanimously approved as the Minister of Urban Development by receiving 202 votes from the Lower House of the Parliament earlier this week.

Naderi presented his plans and strategies as Urban Development Minister to Afghan lawmakers earlier this month and vowed to plan and develop a comprehensive urban development system considering the social and economic condition of the country and Islamic, tradition and international standards.

He also pledged to closely monitor the urban development activities of the state and private sector to ensure the necessary urban development standards have been considered.

Naderi also vowed to take necessary actions in upgrading the national housing policy and building the infrastructures including canalization, electricity, telecommunication, roads and other necessary facilities in the main cities of the country.

Naderi is the former chairman of the SMN Investments and was the first and only Afghan entrepreneur who received the peace through commerce award from the US Department of State.