Russian and Ukrainian negotiators have agreed to set up an evacuation corridor and a temporary armistice in the areas to salvage stranded people in the besieged cities of Ukraine.

The second round of talks was carried out in Belarus Brest on Thursday, March 3, 2022.

The humanitarian corridor that seems to be the largest improvement of peace talks between the two parties aims not only safe evacuation of civilians but also delivery of humanitarian aid to the people.

It comes as Russian troops have targeted Europe’s biggest nuclear plant located in Energodar city of Ukraine. The plant has caught fire and is yet to be extinguished.

Officials of the hit Zaporizhzhia plant claim that the Russian missile has directly hit the plant and the extinguisher cannot get closer to the fire as they are shot at.

They have asked the Russian troops to hold fires so that they extinguish the flames.

Zaporizhzhia produces a quarter of the nuclear energy of Ukraine.

Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelenskyy has urged the world to wake up and prevent Europe from dying from nuclear disaster following the largest plant being hit.