January 22, 2018

Russia to deliver 30 helicopters to Afghan forces by 2014

By Ghanizada - Sat Nov 02 2013, 8:34 am

MIR 03Russia will deliver 30 Mil Mi-12V-5 helicopters to the Afghan national armed forces by 2014, under a contract signed between Russia and the US government.

Russia’s state-run arms trader Rosoboronexport in its latest report carried by Interfax-AVN has said, “Rosoboronexport and the U.S. government drew up and signed a new large agreement in 2013 to deliver an additional batch of 30 helicopters in 2014, which was another demonstration of mutual understanding between the sides and their course towards a positive outcome.”

This comes as the delivery of twelve Mil Mi-12V-5 military transport helicopters under an additional contract concluded with the U.S. government in 2012 was completed in October, and the two sides signed additional agreements on the delivery of another twelve Mi-17V-5 helicopters in 2012.

Rosoboronexport and the U.S. government signed the main contract on the delivery of 21 helicopters on May 26, 2011, “and set the political course of the two countries towards the settlement of the common international problem related to the situation in Afghanistan. That contract was fulfilled by the middle of 2012,” the report said.

The report also added, “In all, 63 Mi-12V-5 helicopters will be supplied for the Afghan national army under Russia-U.S. agreements within the framework of joint efforts to suppress international terrorism.”

Russian-made helicopters have a long history in Afghanistan and is preferred better than the helicopters due to their low prices, durability and simplicity.

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  1. That makes sense. The Afghans won’t need to be retrained (again) to fly them.

    How are the Russkies fixed for a COIN aircraft? Apparently the current proposals require extended periods of pilot ‘training’ – and with the ISAF ‘go home’ date looming………

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