Afghan forcesRussia has pledged continued support in equipping and training of the Afghan national security forces, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Monday.

The renewed commitment by Moscow comes days after the Afghan security forces received 10,000 Ak-47 assault rifles and ammunition as part of Russia’s contribution to support the Afghan troops in fight against terrorism.

“A large batch of Russian small arms and ammunition for the needs of the Afghan Interior Ministry has been delivered to Afghanistan gratis through the Russian Interior Ministry,” according to a statement by Russia’s Foreign Ministry.

The statement further added “In view of this, the Afghan authorities have expressed gratitude to the Russian leadership.”

“We reaffirm our readiness to continue cooperation with Afghanistan in fighting against terrorism and the drug threat both on the bilateral basis and in cooperation with foreign partners and international organizations,” the statement added.

“We will continue to render assistance to Kabul in establishing and equipping the combat-capable national security forces, in training the personnel for the Afghan law enforcement agencies, including on the basis of specialized Russian universities and colleges.” the statement said.

The Afghan government has stepped up efforts to reach out to the regional countries in a bid to attract support to the Afghan national security forces.

Meanwhile, Russia is looking to step in to support the Afghan government and security forces amid concerns that the terror groups, particularly the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) loyalists, are trying to establish safe havens in the country, a move that could endanger the Central Asian countries.


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