Russia is experimenting with bizarre “spy rocks” – listening devices once used by British intelligence in Moscow.

The idea appears to be taken from a sophisticated British snooper stone famously found in a Moscow park by Russian secret services.

A Russian “traitor” had been spotted walking near the rock and was later accused of transmitting classified information to the spy rock which was seen as having been planted by MI6.

The unusual spy tool can be used discreetly without other people being aware of it.

It was reportedly bristling with advanced equipment to retrieve and store signals sent from transmitters carried by passing Russians spying for the British.

“Due to its disguise and ability to change position, it can come in handy in trench warfare,” reported the Russian Defence Ministry’s TV channel Zvezda. The robot rock can be controlled by radio signals from an operator more than a mile away and is moved into position when the enemy is not watching. Also, It has cameras and listening capabilities.