March 29, 2018

Russia deploys heavy military equipment on Afghanistan-Tajikistan border

By Khaama Press - Wed Dec 20 2017, 12:13 pm

The Russian military has deployed heavy military equipment along the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan apparently to prevent the threats posed by the terror groups to the Central Asian countries, it has been reported.

Chief of the Main Directorate of the International Military Cooperation at the Russian Defense Ministry, Maj. Gen. Aleksandr Kshimovsky on Tuesday informed regarding the deployment of the military equipment in support of the Tajikistan border forces.

He told the RT TV that the armaments will make it possible to expand the capabilities of Tajikistan’s armed forces “to repel the terrorist threat and create an effective barrier along the Tajik-Afghan border.”

He said Russia delivered T-72B1 tanks, BTR-80 and BTR-70 armored personnel carriers, BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, Mi-24 and Mi-8 helicopters, D-30 howitzers, anti-aircraft mounts, surveying equipment, communications equipment and logistics property.

This comes as Russia has long been expressing concerns regarding the deteriorating security situation in northern parts of Afghanistan.

The country is mainly concerned regarding the attempts being made by the ISIS terrorist group loyalists to expand their foothold in northern parts of Afghanistan.

Earlier, reports emerged suggesting that some foreign militants belonging to the ISIS terrorist group have migrated from Syria and Iraq after they were hardly suppressed during the military operations.

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  1. I think its simple : USA = behind ISIS and RUSSIA/IRAN = supporting Taliban (originated by Pakistan)

  2. The Northern Alliance gave the US the entire country, but Bush Jr. was too concerned with the non-threat of Iraq to continue the support. The Alliance fell, and if memory serves, we have been back over and over, or never left, depending on your point of view.

    Iraq has finally had their ‘Nation Building’ experience, where all factions opposed to ISIS decided to hang together or hang separately, and now have a common ground to decide how to go forward. The US could not give them that, nor can now the US magically recreate the Northern Alliance. It is essential to allow Afghanistan to make its own way, but also to end the border states between Afghanistan and Pakistan where no law rules. Have them choose by vote, but end the seed of terrorism between both countries.

  3. USA= behind ISIS
    RUSSIA / IRAN= Supporting Taliban
    INDIA / AFGHANISTAN= Funding / supporting TTP/BLA

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