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Russia becomes a pioneer in introducing the COVID-19 vaccine

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Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that his government was the first to register Coronavirus vaccine and he announced that one of his daughters inoculated the vaccine claiming it to be safe if utilized.

The decision was questioned by the scientists in Russia and abroad for being registered without phase 3 trials; scientists believe that administering a vaccine before phase 3 trials could have a backfire.

The Russian President spoke at a government meeting on Tuesday saying the vaccine has proven to be efficient during testing, he said he has used the vaccine on his daughter who had a high fever around 38-degree Celsius that later she had to experience a 37-degree Celsius fever.

After the second shot Putin’s daughter showed a high temperature in the body before she recovered fully, “she is feeling well and having a high number of antibodies”, Putin added.

The Russian health ministry said they expect the vaccine could provide immunity against the disease for two years as the Russian officials prepare for large production of the vaccine in September and mass vaccination is planned in early October 2020.

Previously WHO had announced that all pharmaceutical products must undergo all trials and tests before being licensed for deployment.

Russia has not yet released the details of the research on vaccines and trials to prove its efficacy, the only statement issued Putin was making the world sure was “I would like to repeat that it has passed all the necessary tests”.

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