Khost-AlisherOver a dozen rockets landed on civilian houses in eastern Khost province leaving five persons killed and two others wounded.

Mobariz Zadran, spokesman for the governor of Khost province says that the rockets landed in Babrak Tana and Chargotai areas of Ali Shir district last night.

He said five persons were killed and two wounded in the incident.

He further said that eight rockets landed in Chargotai area and seven others in Babrak Tana area where few houses were also damaged.

Zadran said the rockets were fired from the other side of the Durand line (Pakistan). Khost province in the east of the country shares a long border with Pakistan.

This is not the first time rockets from the other side of the Durand line kill people in Afghanistan. In the past also dozens of people have lost lives to these rockets with most of them in eastern Kunar province.