Armed robbers brutally killed an Afghan woman in capital Kabul city after looting her money and jewelry on Thursday night, police confirmed.

A Hindu woman who lived alone in a highly secured area of Kart-e-Parwan, a place in PD4 of Kabul city, where many high government officials and politicians live, was killed in a ferocious way by armed robbers on Thursday night.

The robbers looted the money and jewelry of the lady after they killed her.

According to the residents and the victim’s relatives, armed men have robbed $4,000,00 cash and jewelry worth $13,000.00.

The Ministry of Interior has said the case is under investigation but has not provided further information to press and media outlets.

Hindus are a tiny minority group in Afghanistan, most of whom have left the country during the last 40 years of war and insecurity.

Hindus and Sikhs were the traders and wealthy community in Afghanistan, their properties and business were seized by warlords during the war times and they were forced to leave the country in order to survive lives.


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