February 14, 2018

Rights advocates plea justice for torued Afghan girl

By Ghanizada - Thu Dec 29 2011, 9:25 pm

Thursday, December 29, 2011 – Afghan Rights Advocates urge the Afghan government to try the criminals involved behind the torture of an Afghan teenager girl.

Sahar Gul 14 year old Afghan girl was discovered by the Afghan police forces in northern Baghlan province after she was kept inside a bathroom at the basement of her husband’s house.

Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan strongly condemned the criminal act against Sahar Gul.

Sahar Gul is currently under the treatment in one of the hospitals at Kabul.

An Afghan Human Rights Commissioner said, Sahar Gul was kept inside a bathroom for six months and was tortured and her fingers were taken out.

Sahar Gul says, she was married to Afghan man known as Ghulam Sakhi around a year ago and was kept inside a dark bathroom by the family of her husband soon after her marriage.

Sahar Gul was taken to a hospital in Kabul after she was discovered by Afghan police forces.

Health officials said, Sahar Gul was in a critical condition and would lost her life if she was kept inside the dark room for a few more days.

Afghan police forces in northern Baghlan province arrested the mother in law of Sahar Gul in connection to the abduction of Sahar Gul.

Afghan Interior Affairs Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqi on Thursday said, Afghan police forces also arrested the sister of Sahar Gul’s husband but the father in law and the brother of Sahar Gul’s husband is missing.

Mr. Sediqi also said, husband of Sahar Gul is currently serving in Afghan National Army and is at Helmand province.

The Afghan interior affairs ministry officials have requested the Afghan defense ministry to hand over Sahar Gul’s husband to Afghan police forces.

Violence against women such as Sahar Gul’s case is not rare in Afghanistan. In similar cases, the ears and noses of Afghan women have been cut off by their husband and various other types of violence have been witnessed against the Afghan women in this country.

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