The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States has been publishing photos which purportedly show the beginning of CIA operatives’ operation in Afghanistan after 9/11.

CIA started publishing the photos on 19th of September, apparently coinciding with the first operation conducted by the operatives of CIA, just 8 days after the 9/11 incident.

In a Twitter post published on 19th of September 2019, CIA stated “9/19/01: Eight days after 9/11, CIA officers pick up $3 million cash in three cardboard boxes. This money would enable the Northern Alliance (NA) commanders to pay their troops and convince other tribes to rally to the NA rather than fight them.”

CIA posted another picture on Twitter with the caption “9/20/01: The first full day of travel for team JAWBREAKER. It would take them six days in total to arrive in Afghanistan. Once there, they would no longer be able to rely on modern modes of transportation to navigate the steep Afghan hills and valleys. #15Days”

Furthermore, CIA posted another picture on its official Twitter account earlier this evening with the caption stating “CIA officers on team JAWBREAKER brought many different skills with them, including fluency in Russian, Dari, and Farsi, which would help them forge relationships necessary to acquire food, supplies, and intelligence critical to finding senior al-Qa’ida leaders.”

Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives after the al-Qaeda terrorists launched a series of coordinated attacks against the United States on 11 of September 2001.


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